TGIF: Feast, Pray, Love

  Have you ever just wanted to holler “freeze frame” in the middle of a meal? It’s the moment before you: carve the turkey (freeze frame); blow out the birthday cake candle (freeze frame); or pass around plates of still-warm peach pie (FOR THE LOVE, freeze fraaaame.) For. One. Fleeting. Moment. Life is luscious. Everyone […]

TGIF: Thank you, India. Thank You, Ammachi. Thank you, Ann Voskamp.

On sobbing extravaganzas, being in a thin place and the practice of gratitude. October has been a big fat bully. My sweet grandmother (Ammachi) passed away. My dad’s lupus started acting up. My friends got laid off. On the flip side, I celebrated… My dearest friend’s 40th birthday. My beloved’s move to Vancouver. Not to mention, […]

What I’ve Learned About Dignity Through My Camera Lens

“Like many things, I begin to understand dignity best when I notice it’s missing.” By Stephanie Motz Skinner | Twitter: @stephmotz Photography has taught me a lot about dignity. There is something powerful and manipulative about images–our lives are filled with them. When I first started photographing people, I began to understand that by composing […]

TGIF: What My Grandmother Taught Me About The Hero’s Journey

On PDA in a hotel lobby, crying cashews and spooning my grandmother. “Diet Pepsi at 11pm was a bad idea,” I think to myself, staring at the empty can on the bedside table. I’m exhausted, but can’t sleep. My restless body curls into the shape of a cashew nut, and then unfurls into a giant […]