Wellness Wednesday: Discovering Joy in Every Season

“I had to let go of the expectations I had put on myself before the pressure could drop off my shoulders.” By Amelia Englemark | Twitter: @AmyEnglemark I saw a picture in the clouds. The image stood out from the darkness behind it—the slug with a cartoon bubble in front of its mouth was definitely […]

Wellness Wednesday: Making Big Things Happen

By Amelia Englemark | Twitter: @AmyEnglemark “In the blink of an eye, my day, week or month is over and I’m sometimes left wondering, What was I working towards? Did I make any progress?” Before I had kids, I was more spontaneous and spent much less time planning out what would happen in my future. I […]

Motherhood: Filling the Gap

When our second child showed up seven years later. By Daniela Schwartz | Twitter: @dannyschwartz ____________________________________________________________ So here I am: A 36-year-old woman lying on the floor of my friend’s guest room in stealth mode typing a blog, while my baby cries on the other side of the bed in his playpen. I don’t usually […]

I Choose to Feast

By Sarah Bessey | Twitter: @emergingmummy About long days, sleepless nights and a feast in outstretched little boy arms. The weekend’s hours have gone slowly, marching through feverish tinies with barking coughs, sleepless nights and never-ending weepy exhaustion. I woke up to our small boy between us, curled around my very-pregnant self in the bed, […]

An Invitation to the Table: Which stories would YOU like to see in 2011?

Thinking through what this new year will look like on SheLoves magazine and I want to put the ball in your court today. After all, together we are working out what Love looks like on the earth and what our part as women is. So: Which interviews would YOU like to see with the women […]