SheLoves Bubanza: O, That We May Love Well

UPDATE: Well, friends … WE DID IT!!!!!! We are currently at $11,745. <insert loud cheering + laughing> YES, there will officially be a SheLoves Well in Bubanza and our friends will drink from this Well of Love + friendship + global community. Thank you so much to *everyone* who gathered in Circles of Grace and […]

Princess Diaries: The Story of Ashley Moving to Africa

“I do not know where I got this idea that being a Christian was at all glamorous.” By Ashley Mandanici | Twitter: @ashleymandanici So, in case you were unaware, I do not like camping. I have tried, both in my own resolve and by force, and I have concluded beyond a shadow of a doubt, camping ain’t my thang! […]

How One Night in the Slums Inspired Me to Rise

“I was living in a home that had enough food and comforts to sustain her whole community.” By Catherine Kuhn Riddington | @catriddington “If you judge someone you have no time to love them.” ~ Mother Teresa Those words from Mother Teresa resonated with me when I first met Alicia, a young woman who didn’t look […]

The Little Boy Who Changed My Life

“Henry has inspired me to put my dreams into action.”  By Rebecca Kuntz | Twitter: @kuntzr   That day–July 4, 2011–changed my life. On a day when my friends in the U.S. were celebrating with hot dogs, fireworks and picnics, I was across the world staring straight into the eyes of a five-year-old boy. His father was […]

Postcard from Hell: About a Boy, a Play and Rescuing Child Slaves

Editor’s note: We’re so proud of Shekinah and how she’s turned her writing talents into creating awareness and opportunity for children trapped in the hell of slavery in India. Please join us in the P.S. to see how we can make a difference today! “Hell is a place where there is no hope of freedom. […]