Inviting Girls to a Global Sisterhood {PLUS: Book Giveaway}

{Leave a thoughtful comment on this post to be entered to win the book, A Voice Becoming: A Yearlong Mother-Daughter Journey into Passionate, Purposed Living} By Beth Bruno | Twitter: @bethhbruno We must have looked as pathetic as we sounded when the Dutch woman stopped her bike to help us. Though we successfully made it out of […]

The Divine Work of Freedom

I can tell you that my faith falls short sometimes. That my prayers come out weak and full of disclaimers. I can tell you that I don’t always believe in miracles. I can tell you that I selfishly want prayers to be answered so my own journey can be strengthened. I can tell you that […]

Authentic Modesty: Compassion Over Shame

Can I tell you something? It’s rather personal. I rage in the face of summer’s modesty conversations. I hate them. I never, ever respond to any of them posted on Facebook or the blogosphere, but whenever they pop up, I seethe with anger and mentally debate those mothers with their pleas to the peers of […]

Shades of Gray in the Red Lights

“How do I stand up for those consumed with gray when all around us is dressed in black and white?” By Katy Randall | Twitter: @KatyBeStill Even though I grew up in a wonderful church with loving people, seeing life in black and white was pretty natural for me. You were either good or bad, […]

I Want to Be Free

By: Likoko Eunice “Free to reconcile with my past and confidently embrace my future. Free to live.” I want to be free. Free from the biting, pneumonia-inducing cold I brave every night in scanty clothes, to hook the clients. Free from your stares—the piercing look of disdain—as you drive by or hurriedly walk past me, […]