I Want to Be Free

By: Likoko Eunice “Free to reconcile with my past and confidently embrace my future. Free to live.” I want to be free. Free from the biting, pneumonia-inducing cold I brave every night in scanty clothes, to hook the clients. Free from your stares—the piercing look of disdain—as you drive by or hurriedly walk past me, […]

Most Of Them Are Mothers

“I wonder what story [the children] will be told about their mother. Will they one day learn that she was forced to sell her body?” Most of them are mothers. That is something I became aware of for the first time this weekend when I opened up our research and started scrolling through the numbers. […]

Tania Fiolleau: Once a Brothel Madam

Tania Fiolleau’s Story of Survival and Redemption ” … I slipped back into prostitution. I started pimping girls and I had some penthouses going. I was selling girls to rappers, movie stars, NFL and NHL athletes, Supreme Court judges–you name it, I was the one to go to.” Part 1 of a 2-part interview Activist against […]

No Eenie Meenie In My Mouth

“Bottom line, we don’t realize how much we don’t realize and we should be very humble in our place in the world and within our culture.” —Ken Wytsma, Founder, The Justice Conference By Idelette McVicker | Twitter: @idelette I am from bobotie and milktart and the southernmost tip of Africa. In primary school I earned […]

She Ran on Her Toes

How Human Trafficking Hit Home for Me “She stood beside me, in front of the choir room chalkboard, waiting to be heard.”  By Kisa MacDonald | Twitter: @kisamac Sandy lived around the corner.  She was blue-eyed, whimsical and often singing to herself.  She was the girl who always ran everywhere on her toes. Every day, […]