She’s Got The Whole World In Her Hands

There were about a hundred of us in a wooden chapel at a camp a couple of hours from Vancouver at Rise Up, Sister. Some of us were old friends, and some very, very new friends. Together we sang a simple song and it took my breath away. She’s got the whole word in her […]

Seeking All Things Brilliant

“I want people to become curious about the stories that abound in their neighborhoods and cities. I want to create a ‘culture of honour’ where we are all intentional about pulling out the good, the noble, the beautiful around us.” By Christina Crook | Twitter: @cmcrook I first met Jenn Co on Robson Street where my […]

Seeing Eve in the Face of My Daughter

SEEKING EVE MONDAY “You take her to Saturn and back and whisper Your love in her ears. Like You do to me.“ By Christina Crook | Twitter: @cmcrook  I love being a mother. The insomnia that’s plagued me for weeks has been a burden, but not one God finds too small to bear. I find myself praying: “Lord, You are […]

Melaney Gleeson-Lyall: A Bridge Between Nations

SEEKING EVE MONDAY “I want to see changes, and I have to be a vessel of change; this is a spiritual act of worship.” By Christina Crook | Twitter: @cmcrook Melaney Gleeson-Lyall spent a recent Saturday learning how to put together a gillnet for the fishing season ahead, hulling and freezing 20 pounds of freshly picked strawberries, […]

Seeking Eve: The God of Kind Intentions

SEEKING EVE MONDAY “We all have our closets full of secrets. We are all bound by the minutiae of life. Celebrities flush toilets. Presidents brandish scars.” By Christina Crook Everybody is just like me. Me, the child of a messy family. Only a toddler when the divorce proceedings began, when the court decided to split my brothers and I in […]