My Marriage Vows Were No Longer Enough

By Abby Kelly | Twitter: @benjity My marriage vows were no longer enough. I writhed on the basement floor drenched in sweat and tears. “I love you, God and I take my vows seriously, but…seriously, God?” I prayed. “I can’t do this. I can’t take it anymore. I’m so alone. My husband hasn’t touched me at all in […]

Reclaiming Femininity

“You were created to be strong and powerful and formidable. Not in spite of your sex, but because of it.” She teetered into the room wearing sky-high clear plastic heels, each one garnished with a giant pink bow. A floral pastel dress with a short flared skirt completed the ensemble. She beamed when her eyes met […]

Most Of Them Are Mothers

“I wonder what story [the children] will be told about their mother. Will they one day learn that she was forced to sell her body?” Most of them are mothers. That is something I became aware of for the first time this weekend when I opened up our research and started scrolling through the numbers. […]

The Virgin Diaries

“Whenever someone acts surprised to hear that I’m a virgin, I always feel like I have let the other virgins down.“ People are often really surprised when I tell them I am still a virgin. I’m not sure how to feel when they respond with utter shock and disbelief. Why is everyone convinced I’ve handed […]

A Love Letter to my Body

“Who was I to rail at you? To beat you down day after day after day? To abuse you in front of others? I never really saw you, did I?”  By Megan Gahan I called you fat. I’m cross-legged on my bedroom floor, the cornflower walls hazy through my sobs. Clothes are strewn all over […]