Stop The Silence, Start The Healing Initiative

Conversations tend to stop when this matter arises. People often fidget, or they change the subject. It’s really no wonder because we aren’t supposed to talk about it. None of us want to believe it happens because it’s not supposed to happen to Christians. It’s unthinkable—that Christians commit acts of abuse and violence. And, when our communities remain silent, […]

My Marriage Vows Were No Longer Enough

By Abby Kelly | Twitter: @benjity My marriage vows were no longer enough. I writhed on the basement floor drenched in sweat and tears. “I love you, God and I take my vows seriously, but…seriously, God?” I prayed. “I can’t do this. I can’t take it anymore. I’m so alone. My husband hasn’t touched me at all in […]

Reclaiming Femininity

“You were created to be strong and powerful and formidable. Not in spite of your sex, but because of it.” She teetered into the room wearing sky-high clear plastic heels, each one garnished with a giant pink bow. A floral pastel dress with a short flared skirt completed the ensemble. She beamed when her eyes met […]

Most Of Them Are Mothers

“I wonder what story [the children] will be told about their mother. Will they one day learn that she was forced to sell her body?” Most of them are mothers. That is something I became aware of for the first time this weekend when I opened up our research and started scrolling through the numbers. […]

The Virgin Diaries

“Whenever someone acts surprised to hear that I’m a virgin, I always feel like I have let the other virgins down.“ People are often really surprised when I tell them I am still a virgin. I’m not sure how to feel when they respond with utter shock and disbelief. Why is everyone convinced I’ve handed […]