TGIF: Why I Didn’t Go to the Gym in 2011

On hot fudge sundaes, loving my jiggly bits and saving the world. [Full disclosure: I’m sipping on a glass of white wine as I write this post. #liquidcourage] “It’s too bad you’re fat,” he said. “The dress looks better on your sister.” I was six. He* was my 21-year-old cousin. This was the moment I […]

TGIF: ‘Cause I Gotta Have Faith-a-Faith-a-Faith …

On small faith, mind-bending miracles, weepy bear hugs and an epic summer. “How much have you raised so far?*” he said resting his coffee cup on my cubicle wall and peering down on me. [*Context: On June 24th 2011, I announced a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG): 50 women in Vancouver + Half-Marathon = Raising […]

What Love Looks Like: Running (and Praying) for Each Other

On waking up + praying for my sisters + cheering from the sidelines. By Stefanie Thomas | Twitter: @STsheloves A gust of wind coming through my bedroom window woke me up. The window pane rattled and I opened my eyes to see white sheers billowing towards me. I looked at the clock: 3am. I remembered […]

TGIF: 3 “A-Ha Moments” in the Aftermath of Running My First Half-Marathon

On ginger tea, the ugly cry, sista-friends and a few good men. “I’d like to see your sweet face today!” I chirped on Idelette’s Facebook wall early Monday morning. “We need to process, unpack and revel.” Idelette or Idli (as I like to call her) came over a little past noon on a rainy Monday afternoon. Now this […]

What Does Running a Half-Marathon with Your Sisters Look Like?

On hugs, sweat ‘n tears. Photos by Brandi-Lee Doucette and friends | Twitter: @brandilee1 ____________________________________________________ It’s hard to put into words what we (38 women + Josh) accomplished yesterday. It’s hard to give expression to the strength and camaraderie we saw yesterday as we supported and suffered (yes, it was hard) on behalf of our […]