Race Day: Why Are We Running for Living Hope Today?

Today we are running … By Idelette McVicker and the SheLoves Sisterhood ____________________________________________________ It’s 1:53am and I really should be in bed. Tomorrow–ok, in a few hours–it’s our VERY. BIG. RACE DAY. But I’ve been combing through pictures, re-sizing them and uploading them, because it was super important to me that you would have a […]

TGIF: The Final Countdown: On exquisite blueberry tarts, epic writer’s block and savouring the moment.

Okay. Epic case of writer’s block. Hence, the chipmunk rambling below. I’m reeeeally nervous about being on video. Be kind. So my SheLoves peeps, I have 2 simple thoughts *cough* asks *cough* this week: 1. GIVE: If you have been following our journey and not yet given to this incredible cause, we’d love for you to be part […]

TGIF: Our 14 Favourite “PowerSongs”: Anthems for the Battle of the Hamstrings vs. Heartstrings

From Paul Simon to Michael Jackson, Coldplay to Bob Marley, this killer playlist is a compilation of the favourite running songs of some of the (s)heroes in my world. The countdown has begun. Nine days to the B.I.G day! Let the bed-wetting nightmares begin. Haha. If I’m being honest… In the last couple of weeks […]

TGIF- How I Learned to Savour My Charlie Brown Moment?

On a 16 km run, the po-po, a $127 bill and the overlap of strangers. It was the kind of grin that blooms on your face after you kiss a boy. A boy you really like. Dazed disbelief + Knee-buckling delirium. I had just run 16 km and was high on life, grinning ear-to-ear. Me?!!! The same girl who got […]