Was Jesus Successful?

“What are you most afraid of?” She aimed the question at me right in the midst of our conversation. I thought she was asking a rhetorical question—not really expecting an answer from me—but she kept quiet and her eyes rested on me. I was visiting Dorothea at her apartment on a Wednesday morning in the […]

Unsure Whispers in the Wind

My favourite thing about our city flat is its south facing balcony. I love the expanse of sky you can see sitting out here. I love that you can see the distant line of woodland-topped hills beyond the edge of the city to the west. I love that in the winter the sun rises behind […]

What is Heard in the Silence

On the second night of my retreat, I freaked out. I was in a beautiful converted farm on the top of the hill, looking out over the North Sea five miles to the east. I joined in the community rhythm of Celtic prayer four times a day and sat down with them for meals together […]

Hello, Heritage. Goodbye, War.

“Go stand in the most divided places.” I scribbled the words in my journal when I heard them many many months ago. Black pen on the blank pages. No lines. Even in this simplest expressive act, I am drawn to a free page. No lines. I am drawn to Freedom, whether it’s a long walk, a […]

Dear Mandela, The Only Way I Know to Walk Now is Long and Free

“We locked hands and wouldn’t let go … because this journey—this long walk to freedom is so hard and it is ours to walk out now.” I read Nicholas Kristof’s tweet in the late hours of Sunday night: Mandela is in critical condition. I noticed my friend and our SheLoves contributor Desiree Adaway’s facebook update: […]