Who Will Reclaim This Broken-Down Soil?

 “I could have Christ, alive, working in me, instead of me, half-dead, trying and failing to clear out old poisonous patterns that sickened me.” Sometimes I feel like my faith is an old nuclear waste site. It’s some years after the fallout. The birds have returned. The trees are sprouting soft, hopeful leaves. The worms are […]

Heal and Let Go

“The statistics say… one out of every six women is a victim (I hate that word) of attempted or completed sexual assault. I am persuaded that this is a gross underestimation of the issue.” By Teresa Pasquale | Twitter: @tbpasquale Heal and let go. Heal and let go. This is what I work with my […]

Let Us Not Be Silent

Today’s prayer took about three minutes, but it addressed something that  happens every minute to women everywhere. Want to receive a daily prayer directive in your inbox during April? You can subscribe right here.  One of the things abusers or attackers usually tell their victims to do, is be quiet. To not tell. To keep the secret. Or else. In […]