SheReads: The Language of Flowers

On a great book, deeper stories and a bouquet from the heart. By Destiny Loeve “The meaning of camellia? My destiny is in your hands.” I am so very excited about the book I get to share with you this month. It was a read that had me prying open the pages at every possible spare […]

SheReads: Five Gold Stars to a (Former) Reluctant Reader

On sherpas, real books and the real guy in the phrase: “38 women and Josh.” By Destiny Loeve ____________________________________________________ Can I get somewhat sappy with you ladies today? I know, I know … this is a column about the books we read and love; but, if you’ll allow me to digress for a mere minute, […]

ShePonders: Finishing Well

“My body vibrated with a deep awareness of having finished this task well, of walking in faith and accepting God’s outlandish invitation. ” By Kelley Johnson-Nikondeha <<<Finishing Welll>>> Click on the link above to hear Kelley sharing this month’s ShePonders: Finishing Well _________________________________________________________________ It was August 2005. I sat buckled in my seat with my not-yet-two-year-old daughter […]

SheReads: School Day Favourites

There are some books from school and growing up that stay with us into adulthood. Can you name one? We share some of our personal favourites. By Destiny Loeve _____________________________________________________________ Did anyone else get super excited when September rolled around as a kid? Time to dust off (or if really lucky, shop for!) all the […]


Exploring Nepal, heaven, hell and the things we won’t say in church. By Destiny Loeve This month I spent some time exploring Nepal … Well, truthfully it was a more vicarious traverse through Conor Grennan’s book Little Princes. This story of an average bloke whose heart was moved by the children he crossed paths with […]