What is Freedom?

“Freedom lived out in real living colour is abandonment of our small self and the embracing of a big love.” I used to believe that rebellion was freedom. It wasn’t hard to believe actually–it’s promoted everywhere. The wild child who does whatever with whoever, whenever they want–it’s freedom. No commitments, no responsibilities, no expectations–it’s bliss […]

God With Us

“With is a completely different way of living where power is diffused and we see others as equals, as friends.” With. Years ago I first came into contact with three prepositions that could change the way we viewed living out our faith–to, for, or with.  When it comes to kingdom living, prepositions do matter. Doing things […]

O Me of Little Restraint. Or: How to Avoid Humdrum

“… a feast is only fully enjoyable if you are hungry. The emptying is essential to the filling.” You should never shop on an empty stomach and you shouldn’t write about feasting on one either. I’m starving. I’ve been battling the excess bulge of post-baby land and it’s a killer. Perhaps it’s because my schedule was […]

Down We Go: Big Tables Where Everyone Eats

“… as we enter into this season of holidays and feasting, my hope is that we’d not just dream about them, but actually work at setting wild, crazy, beautiful, eclectic tables of all shapes and sizes where there’s room for everyone. By Kathy Escobar | Twitter: @kathyescobar How many of you have had the experience of having […]


“It seemed like the weariness wasn’t coming ‘at’ me it was ‘in’ me. It was in my bones.” 
O boundless salvation! deep ocean of love, O fullness of mercy, Christ brought from above. The whole world redeeming, so rich and so free, Now flowing for all men, come, roll over me! – William Booth I […]