Stuck: Waiting For The Light

[ TRIGGER WARNING: Descriptions of Verbal + Physical Abuse ] By M. A car passing through the intersection brought me back to the present. How long had I been waiting for the red arrow to turn green? The glowing numbers on the dashboard clock read 12:53a.m. He should be asleep by now. It’s probably safe to go home. […]

Stop The Silence, Start The Healing Initiative

Conversations tend to stop when this matter arises. People often fidget, or they change the subject. It’s really no wonder because we aren’t supposed to talk about it. None of us want to believe it happens because it’s not supposed to happen to Christians. It’s unthinkable—that Christians commit acts of abuse and violence. And, when our communities remain silent, […]

The Work of Restorative Storytelling

“The abolitionists may well call me their equal, but their lips do not yet say my name and their ears do not yet hear my story. Not the way I want to tell it.” – The Book of Negroes There is a release that comes with storytelling. I feel it deep inside every time I […]

Dear Patriarchy

Dear Patriarchy,* You’re larger than I imagined you to be. Sitting here, sensing your hold, your spirit wide and so far-reaching, I am sad we’ve given you this much power. I’m sad humanity has fed you, as we ate from your hand and your tightly binding words, demeaning and hurting women. Put women in their […]

A Stand-off Between Dreams and Fears

Today’s post is by one of my favourite women on the planet—a fellow South African, a dear friend, a lioness. Her name is René August and she serves as an Anglican priest in Cape Town, and I met her through Amahoro Africa. I suggest you watch the short 3-min. video first. (Our email subscribers, please click […]