Stepping Up However Shaky or Unsteady

There was a time, not that long ago, when I was unable to stand. Quite literally, as I was confined to a horizontal life in bed for a time with health issues. Others stood for me through that season, rallying to pray and encourage and do the practical everyday stuff that I was unable to […]

The Difference Between Sex and Gender Roles in My Marriage

“Before our marriage, I didn’t think much on how my femaleness colored parts of me in different ways than my husband’s maleness did.” By Danielle Vermeer When my pastor first asked to grab coffee to talk about my blog, I was afraid. I ran through a litany of questions, attempting to probe the potential reasons […]

When Standing Seems Too Hard

“Um, actually, I only see you as a friend.” The words, coming from the boy I’d been dating for several months and was head over heels for, stunned me into silence. It’s one of those unexpected, turn-the-corner kinds of situations I didn’t see coming. We’d gone so far as to discuss making sure we stay […]

Awakenings: Of Grace and Breakfast

It was the laughter, I think, which woke me up. Now I had been laying there with eyes open and mind a-whirl for a several minutes, so I don’t mean woke me up from sleep. No, not that at all. It was the earliest part of the morning. The part where your soul seems to […]

Holding My Ground

I look like the kind of girl who can stick up for herself. I guess I am the kind of girl who can stick up for herself. But, more often than I’d like to admit, I cave instead of stand. I bend like a blade of grass on a windy day. Unless you’re related to […]