Grit Calls Out to Grit

When I was little, my daddy was friends with a street minister. If you were homesick, Brother Richard would pray healing over you in a phone call, and you almost always went to school the next day. My daddy used to say that he could see the Holy Spirit shining on Brother Richard, that when […]

Expanding Our Empathy for the Refugee Crisis

  I hold two passports, for two nationalities. Two passports which both rank in the top five most powerful passports in the world. Between these two documents, few places are restricted to me. I can travel, and have travelled, all over the world, rarely questioned. I have worked in foreign countries. All of Europe is […]

Setting Aside Whiteness to Be Holy

By Velynn Brown | Twitter: @gospelrainsong “There are white people and then there are holy people,” she said. My 15-year-old daughter was spilling out wide, like a dropped gallon of milk on a fresh-mopped floor. Every contained ounce of emotion she had bottled up inside flooded out. She loosed her pain and anger; I let […]

The Way We Win Matters

I had forgotten. Again. Recently, I watched a familiar scene play out: a vulnerable person gets pummeled by hurtful words, rejected through harmful teaching—in the name of Christ, no less—and the Jesus activist in me grew incensed, lighting up with an engulfing flame. I began to pack my arsenal and readied myself for battle, making […]

Faith, Interrupting

I took my kids to their first protest this weekend. Ferguson solidarity, here in sleepy Boise, and by sleepy I think I mean predominately white. The awareness just takes longer to seep in, by fewer channels, into a city with more closed eyes than open. There was a kid at the protest, maybe 12, or […]