To learn more or find out if someone you know might be experiencing abuse please visit our resource page for more information on what abuse is and how you can help.

When Your Husband is Unfaithful

By A Daughter of Hope Trigger Warning: Description of Infidelity and Reference to Pornography Hard things are too hard. I’m sitting here, staring at the ceiling in the counseling room of the church. A room I’d dreamed I’d be doing the counseling in, not being counseled. The ceiling is ugly, mottled and full of cracks and […]

Reach Out, Get Help, Be Safe

[TRIGGER WARNING: Descriptions of verbal and physical abuse & destruction of property] One in 7 men are victims of domestic abuse and violence. Today one man bravely tells his story. Amy: Most people don’t realize that a man can suffer domestic violence at the hands of a female partner. Sadly, you have suffered this painful experience. […]

When Love Hurts: Reflections from the Other Side

[TRIGGER WARNING: Descriptions of emotional abuse + suicidal thoughts] By M. “You can commit yourself, or I will have you committed,” Robert, my therapist, said to me. I’d been in therapy for about a year. The small paneled office had been a lifeline for me over the previous several months, but today it felt like […]

What I Want You to Know

[TRIGGER WARNING: Descriptions of verbal, emotional, physical abuse & economic abuse] by R. I fell down the rabbit hole of domestic violence, or was deceived down the hole. It doesn’t matter how I got there; it matters that I was there. I am still there, although divorced. This is what I want you to know […]

We Were Living a Lie

[TRIGGER WARNING: Descriptions of verbal, emotional, physical abuse; failed plan to take someone’s life] An interview with a survivor who is glad to be alive. In the aftermath of domestic abuse, and a failed plan by her former husband to hire someone to take her life, Deborah* has seen God work miracles. Through a strange turn of […]