Meeting God in Unexpected Places

“In my family, God was a foreign concept. We didn’t go to church. We didn’t pray. Christmas was about Santa Claus and Easter was about chocolate bunnies.” By Stefanie Thomas | Twitter: @stefanie_nicole One of my favourite things to do is go see movies in the theatre. I love it when a film can make […]

Finding Your Right Parenting Way: Five Questions to Ask

Tales from the Parenting Trenches “Given how varied parents, children and contexts are, how could there be one best way to parent?” By Sabrina Connell | Twitter: @sabrinaconnell I had a friend who could not have been more my opposite. I’m fairly certain she kept me around because she didn’t have enough people in her […]

I Like You Just the Way You Are

Tales from the Parenting Trenches “In modeling compassion towards our children, we may teach them to be kind to themselves. We can help them develop the courage to be imperfect.” By Sabrina Connell | Twitter: @sabrinaconnell The past two weeks have been particularly challenging for me as a mother. Recently, my five-year-old son has taken […]

Tales from the Parenting Trenches: Navigating Life with “Spirited” Children

“Our son had so many tantrums as an infant and toddler that every family picture his older sister drew, depicted him with a purple face.”  By Sabrina Connell | Twitter: @sabrinaconnell I often tease that my kids are like Gremlins. Remember those little creatures? Feed them after midnight or expose them to water and you […]