Vision is More Than a Plan for the Future

By Hannah Kallio |  Twitter: @hannahkallio1 Have you ever clung tightly to a biblical truth, and then later realized you weren’t grasping the whole truth after all? Without ever meaning to, I misunderstood God’s word and used it against the person who is most precious to me. It all started with this verse: “Without vision, the […]

Here’s The Truth: I’m Not Okay

When I was a young girl, the weakness of women was often used as an argument for why women should not lead, preach, or hold positions of power. Examples of unhealthy women were pointed out as reasons why we should not strive to succeed above men. It was not often overtly stated; instead it was […]

Let’s Talk About This Place

It is a morning when I don’t have the emotional energy to run. To pound the pavement for an hour or more, pushing myself the way I normally do. I feel thick with sadness and want only to wrap myself in my warm duvet, return to the safety of my dreams. But as I curl […]

God Called Her Human

At some point, on creation day six, God concocted an unfinished community. We know this because God announced plans to make a human who would be part of a larger unit. It’s odd, really, the way it came together. God announced the creation of one human in the same breath as explaining the purpose of all […]

Are We There Yet?

Three years ago, I found myself on the side of a very steep hill, wondering, “Am I ever going to get to the top? We’d seen the round-topped hill from our apartment in southern Spain, on a trip we’d saved and planned for. We thought we’d enjoy the views of our town from up there­­—slung […]