Dear God, Please Hurry Up

About six months ago, I lost my job. There were budget cuts and, just like that, a position I’d held for 14 years was gone. I expected it to be a hard transition, but it’s been strange in ways I didn’t expect. I didn’t expect so much of my identity to be tied up in […]

Co-dependent? Who, Me?

I’m a people person. I love people. Short, tall, funny, serious, empowered, empowering, clever, creative, strong, broken, sensitive, bossy, gentle … you name it, I love ’em. Being a people person is one of my greatest assets. It’s taken me places I never expected to go and enabled me to do things I never envisioned […]

The Way We Win Matters

I had forgotten. Again. Recently, I watched a familiar scene play out: a vulnerable person gets pummeled by hurtful words, rejected through harmful teaching—in the name of Christ, no less—and the Jesus activist in me grew incensed, lighting up with an engulfing flame. I began to pack my arsenal and readied myself for battle, making […]

The Heaven I Thought I Knew

Several decades ago, I stopped talking about heaven as if it were up there somewhere in the ethereal blue sky, far away from the life we know here. The pictures of heaven that were painted for me when I was a child were not particularly attractive. The idea of sitting around on a cloud, strumming […]

It is Oddly Satisfying to Tear Things Apart

The sheets gave out right where I sleep. Their softness had been turning to weakness in the last year. My hips rubbed about half-way down the bed, and it’s that place that was threadbare. When my husband and I married, we purchased two pairs of sheets for our bed. I’m habitually frugal, so we’ve had […]