TGIF: Thank you, India. Thank You, Ammachi. Thank you, Ann Voskamp.

On sobbing extravaganzas, being in a thin place and the practice of gratitude. October has been a big fat bully. My sweet grandmother (Ammachi) passed away. My dad’s lupus started acting up. My friends got laid off. On the flip side, I celebrated… My dearest friend’s 40th birthday. My beloved’s move to Vancouver. Not to mention, […]

Opening the Door on Halloween

“I wanted to be a ‘lights on’ Christian.” By Daniela Schwartz | Twitter: @dannyschwartz I’m walking with my Dad. The evening is cool and almost every porch is lit up with the eerie glow of pumpkin faces. I’m swinging my pillowcase of candy, excited by the weight of it. I can’t wait to get home and dump […]

Getting Past Eros in a Sex-crazed World

On Massage Parlor Wisdom and Five-year-old Agape “True love, or biblical love, doesn’t need to fill a deficit. True love … is an overflow.” By Danielle Strickland | Twitter: @djstrickland When my son had just started Kindergarten, we had an enlightening conversation about love. I guess some boys and girls were teasing each other about […]

TGIF: A Pedicure, a Tragic Love Story and My Road to Recovery

On Cleopatra, Bon Iver and taking a fearless moral inventory. It was Canadian Thanksgiving and I was getting a pedicure at the Korean nail salon ten minutes away from my house. I love pedicures. Who doesn’t? However, on the rare occasion that I get a pedicure, I ask myself, “Really, Tina? Is this kind of decadence necessary?” I […]

TGIF: 3 Important Lessons a Car Wash Taught Me About Life

On yellow submarines, high pressure washes and weathering life’s storms. My sister and I loved going to the car wash when we were kids. We would hold hands and squeal in anticipation as the tires slowly clicked onto the conveyor belt. For five minutes we could pretend that our car was a submarine. We’d even […]