TGIF: Thank you, India. Thank You, Ammachi. Thank you, Ann Voskamp.

On sobbing extravaganzas, being in a thin place and the practice of gratitude. October has been a big fat bully. My sweet grandmother (Ammachi) passed away. My dad’s lupus started acting up. My friends got laid off. On the flip side, I celebrated… My dearest friend’s 40th birthday. My beloved’s move to Vancouver. Not to mention, […]

November: Tina’s Me-So-Happy Gratitude List

Well, hello there friend! [insert suffocating hug + confetti + sparklers] I’m so glad you found this page. If you’re curious about this ridiculously named awesome list and want to learn more about my little joy experiment read this. Today “Me-So-Happy” about: A fiancé who shows up for me + labours with me + reassures me + ogles me (sans […]