Everybody’s Got a Mailbox

I actually have a photo of six-year-old me on February 14. My dark hair is pulled into two pigtails, each adorned with a lacy bow. I am wearing a white turtleneck with pink cupids dancing along the frills at the shoulder. I am beaming, because it is my favourite day. Valentine’s Day. Thirty years later, […]

Love Does Not End

To end love, there is no such a thing. Love is something We Found here. It was before We ever decided to take it up Or to put it down. To end Love, there is no such a thing. Love is a never-ending Circle whose shape is unknown. Love is not a thing to pick Up or […]

SheLoves Bubanza: O, That We May Love Well

UPDATE: Well, friends … WE DID IT!!!!!! We are currently at $11,745. <insert loud cheering + laughing> YES, there will officially be a SheLoves Well in Bubanza and our friends will drink from this Well of Love + friendship + global community. Thank you so much to *everyone* who gathered in Circles of Grace and […]

Getting Past Eros in a Sex-crazed World

On Massage Parlor Wisdom and Five-year-old Agape “True love, or biblical love, doesn’t need to fill a deficit. True love … is an overflow.” By Danielle Strickland | Twitter: @djstrickland When my son had just started Kindergarten, we had an enlightening conversation about love. I guess some boys and girls were teasing each other about […]

A Love Letter to my Sisters

On Valentine’s Day and for every day. For my sisters in Berlin and Bubanza, Taipei and Toronto. For my sisters on facebook and twitter, email and pinterest. For my sisters at Christmas and my sisters on couches. For my sisters in cars and cafes. For the sisters I have met and for those whose stories […]