My Story Isn’t Over Yet

By Shaley Hoogendoorn | Instagram:@messybeautywithshaley To watch Shaley’s full video, click here. Below is an edited transcription. Email subscribers, please click through to the website to watch the video. If you are struggling with any mental health issues, we hope you will reach out and seek professional help.  Several months ago I got a tattoo with my very best friend. She was the […]

Mental Illness Cannot Contain Me

By Shaley Hoogendoorn | Twitter: @shaleyhoogs  Seven years ago I found myself in the emergency psych ward. Seven years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1. To me it was actually not all that surprising. I have struggled my whole life with depression and anxiety. I have very high highs and very low lows. So high […]

MEET OUR TEAM: Idelette Talks with Chervelle Camille

I thought it’s about time we introduce you to our SheLoves team members and give you a glimpse into the heart and stories of the women who make this community run. Today, I am talking with Chervelle Camille who is responsible for creating the daily graphics on SheLoves. I’ve known Chervelle for many years—we’ve shared […]

Finding Our Place in the Easter Story Today

On “bodied faith” + the meaning of the cross + participating in the story of Easter. By Idelette McVicker @idelette | Twitter: @idelette And Kelley Johnson-Nikondeha | Twitter: @kelljnik I was in my pyjammies when Kelley’s HeyTell message came through this morning, wishing me a Good Friday. She mentioned how it’s ironic for her that we […]

TGIF: ‘Cause I Gotta Have Faith-a-Faith-a-Faith …

On small faith, mind-bending miracles, weepy bear hugs and an epic summer. “How much have you raised so far?*” he said resting his coffee cup on my cubicle wall and peering down on me. [*Context: On June 24th 2011, I announced a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG): 50 women in Vancouver + Half-Marathon = Raising […]