My Leaky Childhood

My childhood was the kind you read about in storybooks. I’ve circled round this truth, repeatedly, in the last few months. Perhaps, this musing comes of the joy born from this other childhood being spun right before me, that of my surprise baby. Because, sometimes, I feel the pull of his glorious story unfurling in […]

The Unsettling Song of Our Pilgrimage

I didn’t want my seven-year-old to see the painting. A woman lies naked on her bed, her legs spread open, a baby birthing with all the blood and vagina you’d expect. The mother’s face is covered with a sheet like a corpse. The baby has emerged only up to her neck; her head lolls to […]

Keep The Earth Below My Feet

We met at the ungodly hour of 7:30 in the morning. The class was Biology. I was all of 19 years old and every bit as perky as you’re guessing. It was my second year of college, but I was in a new place, having transferred to an alternative campus in Maryland, far away from […]

Slow Down

By Jeff Goins | Twitter: @JeffGoins My earliest memory is of a waiting room. I must be really young—no more than three or four years old—because I’m playing on the floor with a few books and toys. The scene is so vague that I wonder if maybe it was only a dream that I’m now […]

The Bakery Has Always Been a Bakery

“The bakery has always been a bakery, and the movie theater has always been a movie theater,” the man says to his son as they walk past my table. Uncanny, the way thoughts swirl in the atmosphere among us. I was just thinking that! Today, I’m walking grateful. We seem to have emerged from almost […]