Approaching the Table of Radical Grace

When I lived in Brussels, we used to celebrate American Thanksgiving every year, although neither my husband nor I are American. But one of my best friends was, and her tiny flat and countertop electric oven were too small for the people she wanted to invite and the turkey she wanted to cook. So we […]

Reading the Bible with a Red Pen

The first time I read the Bible I read it with a red pen. I was a teenage atheist in search of ammunition. I marked out, word by word, the insanity and the violence, the patriarchy and the oppression. I highlighted the abandonment of the tortured concubine and the dashing of babies’ heads against the […]

Let Us Be Women Who LISTEN

What does it mean when we are women who listen? For me, it means not quite closing the door on a very powerful series of posts from women on the margins and in our midst—if you missed any of the posts from our WE ARE THE OTHER series, here’s an opportunity to catch up. This […]

What’s Her Name?

By Tanya Marlow | Twitter: @Tanya_Marlow “What’s her name?” The airport official spoke over my head to my husband and it took me a while before I even registered she was referring to me. Why doesn’t she just ask me? I wondered. And then it clicked: it’s because of the wheelchair. Apparently, the wheelchair I […]

When Listening Breaks Our White Hearts

A few weeks ago, a young man approached me in church to pass the peace. In the Spanish-language church I attend, this means moving around the room, trying to wish others the peace of Christ and shake hands with as many people as possible. This brother in Christ was dressed in a baggy t-shirt, long […]