By Austin Channing | Twitter: @austinchanning Too Black I grew up immersed in white culture through private education. I attended predominately white schools from preschool through college. Though I successfully navigated the ins and outs of school, there, I was often too black. My ponytail didn’t move like the other girls. My father was a […]

Intentionality in Conquering Othering

By Dianna E. Anderson | Twitter: @DiannaEAnderson In high school, I had a friend who was the son of the local Southern Baptist preacher. We were in the same activities and shared a religious belief, so we got along well. Until I told him I wanted to go into ministry, that is. I excitedly logged […]

The Song of the Girls Who Don’t Wear Dresses

By Esther Emery | Twitter @estheremery Ask me what I know of beauty, and I’ll tell you about black boots and spiky hair. Ribbed tank tops and belts as thick as highways. The color black, and weight, and thickness. I come from the tribe of girls who don’t wear dresses. It’s subtle now. These days, […]

All Equal in Jesus’ Eyes?

By Dorcas Cheng-Tozun | Twitter: @dorcas_ct With growing apprehension, I watched the three other girls in the room. They flitted from curling iron and hairspray to lip gloss and compact, curls bouncing and blue eyes encircled by dark bands of eyeliner. I didn’t own any makeup, hadn’t ever learned how to apply makeup in my 18 years, so […]

The Privileged Immigrant

By Sarah Ager | Twitter: @saritaagerman As a British Muslim convert living in Italy, I tick quite a few boxes in the “other” category. That being said, I felt a twinge of embarrassment after I was asked to write a piece for this series. Despite being a minority in terms of nationality, faith, and language, I’m not really […]