Where Grace Reigns

She had big round eyes and soft plump cheeks that beckoned to be pinched. She skipped around, swaying her long brown hair that reached the middle of her back in tangles. Her laughter was a roar and her voice was so powerful, it echoed. She was a wildflower. Because this story is not just my […]

The Black Wedding Guest

I once attended an Afrikaans wedding in South Africa, where I live, and then vowed I would never attend another one in my life. I since have attended more Afrikaans weddings, but that experience stands out, because when I was treated as being different from everyone else, it challenged me to look deep into my […]

A Woman Fully Alive

By Suzanne Burden | Twitter: @suzanneburden “A female pastor. How wonderful!” she said. “And I got to see it before I died.” She approached me after a funeral service, her beautiful scarf framing her face, a woman who looked to be in her 70s. I was rendered completely speechless. And I confess her words mark my […]

How I Live a Partial Story

By Cindy Brandt | Twitter: @cindy_w_brandt Born of a Taiwanese family, my parents sought a better future for my siblings and I. In a politically unstable generation where Mainland China breathed down the Republic’s neck with frequent missile testings, families with the means immigrated out of the island in search of better opportunities. After spending […]

Lipstick and Seminary

For a couple years in seminary, I didn’t wear lipstick. I twisted my long hair up tightly, wore dark turtlenecks and covered my eyes with glasses. I didn’t speak much in class unless I knew it counted toward my grade. In that case, I carefully planned what I’d say before opening my mouth. I didn’t want to […]