In Pursuit of the Laughing Jesus

By Fritha Washington I’ve been a missionary in Ukraine for nearly four years. When we first moved out here we told our beautifully faithful and generous home church that we were committed here long term. To raise our kids here, to guide generations of girls away from those who would traffic them, to bless this […]

The Syrian Refugee Crisis Moved Into My Neighbourhood

I’m in love. I was fretful and anxious, but now I’m in love. The context for my emotional bi-polarity has been the Syrian refugee crisis. In my anxious phase I posted a great number of guilt-inducing refugee photos on Facebook. I sent money overseas to worthy causes. I applauded the heroic efforts of volunteers and […]

Why I’m Grateful for My Anxiety

I suffer from anxiety. Early the other morning, I woke before the sun was up, as I sometimes do. I stumbled to the bathroom, hoping that would help me fall back to sleep, but when I got back in bed, my body was on fire. The stomachache that had plagued me for three days came […]

Feast or Famine

I generally eat too much when I am celebrating. I don’t think I am the only one. My very favorite moment from the sitcom Friends is when Joey steals Pheobe’s maternity pants and declares them his Thanksgiving pants. That is a way of celebrating I understand. I mean, over-eating at holiday meals is as American […]

Here’s The Truth: I’m Not Okay

When I was a young girl, the weakness of women was often used as an argument for why women should not lead, preach, or hold positions of power. Examples of unhealthy women were pointed out as reasons why we should not strive to succeed above men. It was not often overtly stated; instead it was […]