On Food, Candida and Healing God’s Way

“In that moment it was clear: God gave me everything I need to nourish my body and stay healthy and I was looking right at it.” It was three years ago, the day before I was to run the Seattle half marathon. I was sitting in Pike Place Market in a breakfast café overlooking a […]

Wellness Wednesday: Loving Myself and All My Imperfections

“Suddenly, I was falling in love with me, seeing myself clearly without all the trappings and exterior appearances.”  By Tara Rodden Robinson |Twitter: @tararodden  Recently, I saw a blog post on whether or not God wants us to love ourselves. The author was pretty adamant to the contrary. She criticizes the popular notion that “you can’t love anyone else […]

Wellness Wednesday: Just Breathe

“Some nights I laid awake forgetting to breathe, so caught up in grief I could almost hear the audible sound of my heart breaking in two.” By Ali Valdez Have you ever felt yourself falling down that slippery slope into anxiety, anger or fear? We all have. At first, you may panic, but then at […]

Being Still in a Culture that Values Action

“I have a voice that speaks from the core of who I am and reminds me several times a day how important it is to be still and relish in the moment.” By Amelia Englemark | Twitter: @AmyEnglemark I’ve been very busy lately. Sometimes I wonder why I’m pursuing business at the same time as raising a family. […]

Wellness Wednesday: How I Learned to Love All of Myself

“I had a hard time being vulnerable because I thought I was doing something bad or wrong by letting myself shine and be beautiful.” By Amelia Englemark | Twitter: @AmyEnglemark Since I was a teenager, I dreamed of falling in love with a man who would call me “Babe”. I knew someone who often referred to his wife as “Babe” […]