You Are An Immaculate Measure Of Grace

A Short Blessing For The New Year (Especially For Women of Color): You are an immaculate measure of grace. Every fiber, every molecule, every atom that builds and holds you together, tells the story of how truly magnificent your presence on this earth is. The space you take up is the space you bless. Your […]

SheLoves Editors’ Top Picks for 2018

It has been almost a year since I began as Submissions Editor for SheLoves Magazine. Last fall, when Idelette first asked me to consider taking on the role, Megan Gahan and I met for coffee halfway between our two homes. (You can and should read more from Megan in this post here.) As we sunk deep into […]

December Zine: Goodbye 2014

Oh lovelys, I am so grateful for you. As we close out 2014, it is also time to close out the zine. It has been a very fun two years of making graphics and placing smiling LOVELY faces into the pages of the zine. But this year I worked on the zine a little too late […]

November Zine: Global Meet-ups + Gorgeous Words

Oh loves, I did it again. I went out of town at the end of the month and created this zine from an unfamiliar living room in a new state. (I should add that it was a very cozy living room with a strong wifi signal.) This zine is a celebration of our sisterhood. We […]

Let Us Be Women Who LISTEN

What does it mean when we are women who listen? For me, it means not quite closing the door on a very powerful series of posts from women on the margins and in our midst—if you missed any of the posts from our WE ARE THE OTHER series, here’s an opportunity to catch up. This […]