April Zine: Tweets + Knitting + Recap

Yowza. Where did April go? Spring is in FULL SWING and so much has happened this month. A festival and a very tech-savvy editorial meeting, new friends and a somber goodbye. We’ve filled this zine with a little recap of what our little {BIG} community has been up to and a few behind-the-scenes bits that […]

Is it Time Yet?

Is it time for Christmas music and mittens and sparkling lights? Almost. November is not quite finished with us yet. Just one last day to reflect and celebrate the MARGINS with our zine. Download the PDF here or just go ahead and flip through the pages below (if you turn up the volume, you can […]

September Zine: Heritage

Did you see it? Did you see how many link-ups are in our I Am From Synchroblog? Incredible, isn’t it? So incredible that we added excerpts from a few into our September zine. Okay, lets be honest, the zine is mostly made up of those excerpts. O, and the cutest baby belly. You can download the PDF […]

Something New

It’s the end of our LIGHT theme, but not quite the end of this season. Maybe, if you’re in North America, you are enjoying a long holiday weekend. Or maybe, like some of us *cough* you’ll be working extra hard on the old to-do-list this weekend. Either way, I’m hoping you’ll take a moment to […]

Standing One More Day, July Wrap-up

Oh it’s over already? How did that happen? Did July sneak up on you and rush past in a hurry to usher in August? Maybe I’m the only one who feels that way. In any case, the end of the month means a midnight scramble to make sure our wrap-up e-zine is ready. And ta […]