Together We Stand

One of the highlights of my time in graduate school was learning about and participating in Therapeutic Enactment. In the safety of a group setting, Therapeutic Enactment offers individuals an opportunity to recreate key life experiences, and in the process, find healing from trauma. It’s challenging to convey in words just how powerful this reparative […]

When I Would Rather Stand. Or Sit.

One thing I love about my church in Djibouti is that if the pastor tells us to sit but the choir is still singing and people in the congregation feel like standing, they stand. If the pastor says to stand and someone in the congregation feels like sitting, they sit. One person might pray out […]

Standing, In the Place I’m Supposed to Be

“With them, my self-pity gets washed away as I find healing in this messy place of believers. They believe in me and in the redemptive work of Christ in my life.” I stood in front of thousands of people and shared my heart; talking about my faith and the ministry that God had called me […]

Stand Back Up

“If you get up one more time than you fall, you will make it through.” – Chinese Proverb Years ago, when I was in graduate school dreaming about my future, the absolute last thing that would have crossed my mind was becoming a pastor. I was destined for business, certain I would make loads of […]

The Courage To Create

Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better. -Martin Luther King, Jr. Dear Creatives, Artists, Change Agents, Radicals and Revolutionaries: It’s time to take a STAND. It is time for you to use your gifts to change the world. To change humanity. It takes courage to create. Every day, we need you […]