Walking the Straight Paths

“But there in a secluded part of Burundi with an oppressed minority group, walking toward a well that will change their lives in more ways than I can tell, I saw the verses in a new light.” By Leigh Kramer | Twitter: @hopefulleigh My steadfast companions kept my hands firmly grasped in theirs. They couldn’t have […]

The Ministry of Women

“These women showed me what the face of God looks like. “ By Jennifer Istvan | Twitter: @underbigbluesky I left church ten years ago. I know this because my youngest daughter was a newborn and my oldest was two years old. The reason I left that church is another story that involves nails being thrown by […]

The Bakery Has Always Been a Bakery

“The bakery has always been a bakery, and the movie theater has always been a movie theater,” the man says to his son as they walk past my table. Uncanny, the way thoughts swirl in the atmosphere among us. I was just thinking that! Today, I’m walking grateful. We seem to have emerged from almost […]

Daughter of Abraham

“You are part of God’s cosmic plan through which He will restore the creation—one of the ones through whom all the families of the earth will be blessed.” If you grew up in Sunday School, I bet the first thing you learned about Abraham was that he had many sons, right? Let me see if […]

Reclaimed, Retrieved and Redeemed

“The enemy’s purpose on earth is to kill, steal and destroy. And often times it feels like he is succeeding, like we are fighting a losing battle. But then I remember, the war has already been won…” Often times I walk around Gressier, Haiti and cannot help but see and feel the pain and sadness […]