Dear SheLoves Sisters and Supporters,

What are our hopes for 2021? Nothing less than making highways in the wilderness.

BUT first … 

This is our first ever SheLoves Giving Campaign and we are so excited, because we have a vision burning in our hearts, a big goal and we long to walk with you in making it a reality.

How the world has changed this year. And yet, the more we have walked through this past year and leaned in, the more we realized—our original for SheLoves vision has not actually changed that much. From the beginning, the vision for SheLoves was Global Sisterhood.

But …

We can’t have Global Sisterhood conversations without healing the wounds racism, colonialism and patriarchy have created. We can’t get to the New Jerusalem without walking through what Psalm 84 calls the Valley of Baca. It is a place of Weeping. A wilderness time. I call it the Wilderness of Weeping.

The Wilderness is asking that we unlearn the ways of whiteness, the ways of colonialism, the hierarchies of patriarchy. Hierarchies, period. The wilderness reminds us what is important—relationships, people, Love, justice, joy.

What joy for those whose strength comes from the Lord;
who have set their minds on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. (v. 5)

But here’s the beautiful promise of the Wilderness of Weeping: When we walk through it, we will turn it into a place of springs.

When they walk through the Valley of Weeping,
it will become a place of refreshing springs …

It requires work. It requires our intention. It requires our committed efforts.

Dang. It requires determination and Love.

It also requires Hope—knowing where we are going and longing for that New Jerusalem, on earth as it is in heaven.

I know we will get there—the vision is glorious—but we don’t get there unless everybody gets there.

It is a vision of peace and unity WITH justice.

We long for conversations that invite diverse voices from around the world to the table. Conversations that heal. Conversations that bridge divisions between us. Conversations that inform and teach. Conversations that liberate.

SheLoves is uniquely positioned and oriented towards having these conversations.We already have gathered a global sisterhood—women with hearts for a big world. Women who have set up camp in the wilderness. Women who are familiar with the Place of Weeping. Women who long for a new world. Women who are ready to have these conversations.

We walk in friendship and relationship. We are ready to expand those friendships and relationships and also bring them to the world.

This past year:

  • We’ve welcomed Leah Abraham as our new Editor-in-Chief. She heads up all things editorial.
  • We’ve hosted 4 SheLoves Church services during a global lockdown to care for the spiritual needs of our women around the world.
  • We’ve sent out 40+ Dangerous Women newsletters
  • We’ve hosted 28+ Happy Hour Zoom gatherings for Dangerous Women.
  • We are caring for the needs of women through our SheLoves Circles
  • We are growing leaders through SheLoves Circles
  • We’ve grown a bustling social media presence.
  • We started paying contributors. (Hallelujah!)

Here are some of our plans already in the works for 2021:

  • Launching a monthly video and podcast conversation with global sisters around the table.
  • Launching a “Decolonizing Jesus” course with Rene August, an Anglican priest and activist in South Africa who works with The Warehouse in Cape Town.
  • Featuring powerful, emerging voices on our SheLoves website.
  • 4 SheLoves Church services
  • Launching SheLoves merchandise.
  • 40+ intimate Happy Hour conversations on topics of liberation and justice.
  • A Dangerous Women newsletter with stories and inspiration for this liberation journey

Leah Abraham and I also had a chat about our dreams and hopes for 2021.  

Pull up a chair and a cup of tea—this was one of my favourite conversations yet. 


So: Would you consider making a donation to the work of SheLoves?

Our goal to support our vision is $15,000.

If 150 people give $100, we’ve reached that goal.

We need your help to turn the Wilderness into a Place of Springs.

We are walking to the New Jerusalem, but meanwhile, we are committed, determined and compelled. We hope you will join us.

Together, we make Highways in this Wilderness.


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There are women in our world who need to hear the message of Jesus, justice, liberation and Love. There are women who are wandering in the desert alone. There are women who need to be connected to a global sisterhood. There are women whose voices need to be heard and there are women who need to be part of these conversations.

Let’s make this happen. Let’s make highways in the wilderness.

With Love,

Idelette McVicker

Founder + President, SheLoves Media Society


PS: Sitting, working, writing, singing, playing, cooking, dancing, reading, learning and unlearning on the unceded territories of the Kwantlen and Semiahmoo peoples.

PPS: Please note that while we are a registered non-profit in British Columbia, Canada, we cannot give tax receipts yet.