RelateWomen: She Loves Conference 2014

Hi Lovelys

In May every year, many of us gather at a conference in Surrey, BC. It’s the birthplace of SheLoves–this website and Sisterhoodas you know it today. I still remember taking the idea for a “global good news magazine” to the wonderful Helen Burns. She saw the tears in my eyes and the passion in my soul and she said, “Let’s do it!”

Helen had been doing initiatives through LifeWomen (now RelateWomen) called She Loves–ways women were expressing their hearts to benefit our communities, both locally and globally. As we brainstormed names for the vision I said, “The domain ‘’ is available.” It resonated and she made room for me–a big dreamer–in the beautiful garden of women’s hearts she’d been nurturing. We launched the first incarnation of at LifeWomen conference that year, in 2010. The website looked gorgeous, but I had no editorial strategy, so the site stayed static for three months.

Those were the longest three months in which I had to ask myself some hard questions. I discovered that if this magazine idea were to fly, God had entrusted me with the vision and I had the responsibility to run with it. I began owning the vision. One night at Starbucks, Tina suggested we make it into a blog, so we could become regular and have a rhythm. I began asking people to contribute regularly and slowly but surely the baby’s heart began beating. By February 2011, Tina wrote on my Facebook wall: “We have a pulse!”

SheLoves became an entity, a life, an expression all by itself. Now we are a Sisterhood that is global in reach, but we have these beautiful local roots.

Over the years, LifeWomen conference became RelateWomen conference became She Loves conference. It’s an expression of RelateWomen, inviting women to come and gather over three days. There are many SheLovelys who come, but the name may be confusing to those of you who don’t know our whole story. So, while we are a part of the She Loves conference at RelateWomen, it’s not a SheLoves magazine initiative. Still,  this conference is HOME in so many ways. This is the garden where we were first planted and nurtured. We have been blessed and sent as a movement to call out and nurture women’s voices around the world, but every year, we still gather here and now we invite you to come along, because this is where our voice got called out in the most beautiful way. This is where the seeds of this site were first planted and have been nurtured and loved ever since.

Want to join us? Register here. We can’t wait to gather with you.