She Loves Half Marathon

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Yes you, with the dazzling smile that would make even the Queen blush.

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Vancouver SheLoves readers are running our first-ever half-marathon in September to raise funds for women in northern Uganda who have been terrorized by LRA rebel soldiers. Some of these women in Uganda were given as wives and slaves to the soldiers at the tender age of 12. Others have had to kill their own siblings. Many of these women have had their lips, ears, noses and even genital parts severed from their bodies.

The mutilation and scars are a constant reminder of their past. Many of the women are HIV+ and ostracized in their own communities. They are often treated like modern-day lepers.

Living Hope

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The Living Hope program restores dignity to the lives of women whose lives have been destroyed.

They are in the midst of processing over 150 facial reconstruction surgeries. These surgeries are a significant step towards restoring dignity, but it’s merely the beginning.

Here’s where we come in …

There is an urgent need to raise funds for trauma counseling, medical care, vocational training and generating projects with the help of micro-finance loans for the ladies who have undergone reconstructive surgery or awaiting surgery soon.

The key to restoring their sense of self-worth is training them with skill sets so they can integrate back into their communities as valued contributing members of society.



50 women in Vancouver + Half-Marathon= Raising $50,000 for Our Sisters in Uganda

Yes, it is a BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL. And yes, it’s scary.


– We are wrecked by injustice directed at our sisters.
– We morph into pitbulls frothing at the mouth at the mere thought that someone would dare to hurt one of our own. Not on our watch.
– We believe in the power of storytelling. We believe people WILL HELP if they hear the story.

What we lack in physical ability (like running a half-marathon) we make up for in heart!

We aren’t embarrassed to ask for money, because it’s not for us. It’s for our sisters.

We love that we…
– Get to be a part of their new story …
– Get to tell the world this story of courage and resilience …

But most of all we love that….

Love heals.

The Girls

– How it all got started? Read the story: HERE

– Facebook Event Page: HERE
(You can mark yourself as a “Maybe” if you don’t want to run but want to be part of the conversation)



Relate Church has kindly agreed to handle the administrative aspects of all donations for SheLoves Magazine. 100% of the money raised will be put into the hands of Living Hope.

Here’s how to give:

1. Cheque- Make all cheques payable to “Relate Church.” Please do not mark Living Hope or SheLoves on the cheque. If you are sponsoring a specific runner, please be sure to include a note with your cheque.

2. Credit Card- Credit card pledges can be made over the phone at Relate Church 604-599-8989 or through the form below. In the notes area, please ensure you include the following: “Living Hope donation for Ms. ____ (name of runner you are sponsoring).”

3. Cash- Bring cash to Relate Church and put in an offering envelope with all your information. Please include a note on the envelope: “Living Hope donation for Ms/Mrs. ____ (name of runner you are sponsoring).”

Please review all your information (name, address, phone number) so Relate Church can send out tax receipts to all sponsors (US and Canada).


Thanks again for your support. Please spread the word. We are changing lives together!

Be generous y’all. It’s for our sisters!


– Please include the name of runner you are sponsoring in the “Special Request” box.
– Please select “No Shipping” and “No State/Province” to avoid extra charges

Please enter amount to donate first and then click on ‘Donate’: $