TGIF: Paris, The Grass Ain’t Greener Y’all

I’m in Paris. Bread, wine and cheese Paris. Cute bikes with baguettes in baskets, quaint music, Eiffel Tower Paris. Yes. THE Paris. I’m here because Husband is on a work trip and they said, “Bring your wife!” I’ve known about the trip for a month but didn’t make a big giddy announcement on Facebook or start […]

Are You Ready?

Are you ready? Are you ready to bid farewell to 2013? I think I am. But not before relishing for just one more moment in all that this December has brought us—Advent Acts of Kindness and Christmas and surprises for Idelette and prayers for wellness and mourning the loss of a great leader. Will you […]

TGIF: A Love Letter to My Husband of One Year

Hi love, It’s that time of the year again. It’s time to take stock of the year that’s gone by and give myself a report card. My grades are based on how I fared in the following categories: a. Things I did. b. Things I did not do. c. Things I really wanted to do, […]

Breaking Blood: My Period and Other Misc. Joys of Being a Woman.

I got my first period in 10th grade. I was a fragile teenager with a faint mustache and widening hips. I had a fresh harvest of body hair and trembling water-balloons for a bosom. I was a unibrowed Ugly Betty with a heart full of big dreams. And then I “broke blood.” I’d been preparing […]

We Are The Red Tent: Keep a Girl in School

We may think it’s a simple sanitary pad. For a girl in a place like Gulu in Northern Uganda, a regular supply of feminine products means access to education and a different future. As I held the soft cotton undies—pinks, purples, greens, blues—tied together with a package of sanitary pads, I wanted to lock my […]