Self-Care for Warriors 101

For me, warriors are people who challenge the systems that create the conditions we live under. “Challenging” can mean storming Ottawa or Washington, DC to change laws or it can be sitting in the waiting room of a psychiatrist’s office at a place of total honesty about how our very minds are betraying us. Warriors see […]

Getting Real with Trisha: Owning Privilege

On Jesus, privilege and a Porsche. By Trisha Baptie | Twitter: @trisha_baptie Michael Kimmel captures i this short video what I have been thinking about/stewing in/pondering and trying to own as much as possible in my own life. “Privilege is invisible to those that have it.”–Michael Kimmel I try to own my privilege. I am white. Some days […]

Getting Real with Trisha: On Sweden and Experiencing the Effects of the Nordic Model of Prostitution Law

Thoughts and observations from a society where women and girls are not for sale. By Trisha Baptie | Twitter: @trisha_baptie __________________________________________________________ “We had an art show/contest with 200 pieces of art. There was a equal amount of men and women represented and no one knew who had painted what. There were no names on the […]

Getting Real with Trisha: On Laughing

I think if you’ve glimpsed at, resided in and intimately known well some forms of hell on earth, laughter … laughing, is a balm for the wounds that seep in deep. By Trisha Baptie | Twitter: @trisha_baptie Quite possibly my fave activity is …  laughing. For me it feels like the most natural thing to […]

Women’s Worlds 2011

Advocating for equality as a unified voice at the International Women’s World Conference held in Ottawa By Trisha Baptie | Twitter: @trisha_baptie ____________________________________________________________ There’s a funny rumor going around that it is summer. For those of us living in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, it is easy to understand why this seems like a […]