Loving My Neighbour: Gritty Stuff

Loving God does not say the rest of my life will be safe, my kids will be safe and I will always have what I need. To me loving God, pursuing him, means strap in and hold on: it’s going to be a wild ride and he will be beside me in it all. By […]

Our Women are Not for Sale: Abolitionist Trisha Baptie responds to Ontario court’s Ruling on Prostitution Laws

Earlier this week an Ontario court struck down three anti-prostitution laws in Canada. Justice Susan Himel ruled that criminal prohibitions on running brothels, communicating for the purpose of prostitution and living off the avails of prostitution put the lives of sex workers at risk. Trisha Baptie, a former experiential woman and abolitionist, responds to this […]

Every Missing Person Deserves a Search and Rescue Team

I remember one night on my own street corner, waiting for a trick (john, punter) and thinking no one would know if I went missing, except for my kids. Actually, I KNEW no one would come looking for me, because no one was looking for my friends who then later would be found murdered on […]