The Red Couch


Welcome to the Red Couch Book Club!

The Red Couch is a place for us to gather and discuss the books, ideas, and authors that matter. Our name was inspired by the red couch that used to sit in Idelette’s living room and it’s a symbol of what we hope this book club will be.

There’s something about reading that brings people together, as we discuss themes, process ideas, and grapple with how or whether it applies to our lives. We will introduce and share books we hope will get you curious about faith and justice. 

We read books that stretch and grow us into understanding. Books that allow us to grapple with hard questions and wrestle with the realities of faith. We read a variety of genres, from fiction to memoir to poetry. We read books by women and global voices and those with diverse backgrounds.

We might not always come to the same conclusions. We might not always agree. Differences of opinion are welcome here because we are with and for each other.

Take a seat and make yourself comfortable. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.